Koziołkowo » Attractions

What is worth seeing around Koziołkowo? Well, there is a whole bunch of places that bewilder with their beauty both people from Pomerania and guests from other voivodships.

1. An upside-down house, the longest plank in the world and an interesting open-air museum in Szymbark – 26 km.

2. Famous Wdzydze Lake and the open-air museum in Wdzydze Kiszewskie – 16 km.

3. Kashubian Museum in Kartuzy – 55 km/40 km.

4. Open-air musem-locomotive house in Kościerzyn acts as a mysterious place from another time – 21 km.

5. Museum of Kashubian Ceramics in Chmielno near Kartuzy presents a collection of various plates, mugs and bowls with elaborately made Kashubian patterns – 48 km.

6. Aqueduct in Fujitowo (between Czersk and Tuchola) can surprize the tourists with a mixture of ancient stonemasonry and restored brick elements – 46 km.



7. A great attraction for children is undoubtedly a farm of African ostriches in Garczyn – 9 km.

8. Museum in Pelplin with the only copy of Gutenberg’s book in Poland – 41 km.

9. If one wishes to walk around the wild forest thickets, listen to the sounds of nature and contemplate the charming views, one has to make one’s way to Jar Raduni reservation in the city Babi Dół near Żukowo – 53 km.

10. In Mirachowo (Kartuzy-Sierakowice-Bukowiny) stands an odd Glacial boulder named The Devil’s Stone. One the one hand we have locals weaving strange tales about it. On the other, we have energy medicine men sensing strong flows of energies out of this world – 56 km.

11. Stone circles in Odry is a similar place. This ancient cemetery offers an original set of mosses and lichens and similarly to The Devil’s Stone, positive waves of energy, Goth’s tombs – 12 km.

12. In the village Gołubie (Szymbark-Skorzewo) we can find a charming botanical garden – 36 km.

13. Malbork – the biggest brick structure in Europe, trail of castles of Teutonic Knights – 65 km.

14. Bytów – a trail of castles of Teutonic Knights  – 55km.

15. Gniew- a trail of castles of Teutonic Knights – 59km.

16. Sztum- a trail of castles of Teutonic Knights – 78km.

17. Kwidzyń – a trail of castles of Teutonic Knights – 104km.

18. Kiszewski Castle – ruins of castle grounds – trail of castles of Teutonic Knights – 6km.

19. Tri-City – 60km.

Have a pleasant sightseeing.